About Mike and Nora

The two of us have been married for over 19 years and it has always been our dream to create a family together. Though we are not able to conceive a child ourselves, we have faith that we will get to be parents to the child we were meant to have. Our child will be loved unconditionally. We will protect him or her, nurture talents and encourage our child to follow his/her dreams.

Both of us love to read and learn. We are curious about the world and are adventurous in many ways. For example, Mike is a hiking enthusiast and Nora enjoys writing and telling stories. Mike dreams about passing on his woodworking knowledge and Nora her passion for books.

Both of us play music (Mike the bass, Nora the violin) and like to dance.

Most of all we are devoted to each other, to our family and to our faith. As parents, our child would be the center of our world and so, so loved.